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Author Archives: Adele

What is Cajun Food? – Part 2

Our journey to discover what exactly Cajun food is continues in this second part of or blog. We will try to discover the use of spices in Cajun cuisine and settle an argument that all Cajun dishes are hot and […]

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What is Cajun Food? – Part 1

Cajun food has the reputation of being highly spiced, featuring a lot of fish and mostly being served in bowls due its consistency of being stew-like. But is this the truth? Or is there more to be said about this […]

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Proper Southern Manners

Southerners are proud of a reputation that they are always well mannered and polite. For centuries the south of America has been well known for being courteous and chivalrous, and the menfolk especially act as modern-day knights. Manners do matter […]

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A History of Southern American Food

America is a vast nation and the culture has been forged by many influences and this also includes the food culture. The south of the country was traditionally more rural than other parts of America, and so crops, such as […]

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Who are Creole? – Part 2

The second part of our blog trying to define who the Creole are, looks into the type of food that is termed Creole and is eaten by Creole people. In part one we saw that there was some confusion over […]

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The Best Food in the Southern U.S. – Part 2

We return to the best food that you can find in the South by discovering wonderful home-cooked dishes that take simple everyday items and transform them into something truly delicious. The South has always been blessed with a wonderful climate […]

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Who are Creole? – Part 1

As late as the 1800’s Creole was the term given to peoples that were indigenous to Louisiana, it provided a description of geographical location and nothing more. But one hundred years later the term had racial connotations to it.
Creole was […]

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The Best Food in the Southern U.S. – Part 1

The food of the south of America does, as with many places around the world, give us a culinary history of the region, and the people that helped to form the land and give it civilization. Food can describe a […]

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The History of Shrimp & Grits

The south of America has always been famous for their grits, and a dish that is highly revered that has almost become a staple in some southern states is shrimp and grits. There are some that call the South the […]

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Classic Virginia Food

Virginia is famous for its food and has many classic dishes that originated in the great state and perfected to be the very best. Most of the cuisine of Virginia is heavily influenced by the early European settlers but done […]

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