Southerners are proud of a reputation that they are always well mannered and polite. For centuries the south of America has been well known for being courteous and chivalrous, and the menfolk especially act as modern-day knights. Manners do matter down in Dixie, and having good manners make living life far easier and more pleasant. It has often been held as a widely popular point of view that Southerners have the best manners in the USA and it is a trait that makes them different to the people who not from the south.

The Fundamentals of Good Manners

There are five basic fundamentals that together make up good manners in the southern states of America. Good manners are afforded to everybody, regardless if they aimed at neighbors or visitors out of state. Following are the five big elements of being courteous.

Be Humble

Always act on behalf of others first, and then look after yourself. This includes offering deference to others and, in some respect, having good self-denial, the phrase after you demonstrates this. These actions are the cornerstone of good manners and as the religious would say, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. 

Be Courteous

Being courteous is demonstrated by your good manners and overall friendliness and concern for other people. The golden rule here is to go out of your own way to be kind and helpful to all that you meet and encounter. Courteous is derived from old French meaning, having courtly bearing or manners.

Behave Yourself

Under no circumstances behave in an unruly manner, actions that describe this would include being brash, rude, loud, uncouth or to cause any commotion whatsoever in public. Only people from low esteem and bearing would possibly behave in such a manner.

Be Friendly

An essential part of good manners is to be friendly, and to assist your fellow man and strangers as much as you possibly can. This means always putting your friendliest foot forward and going out of your way to be sociable and neighborly, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Be Modest

Nobody likes a person who brags or as they say in the South is, highfalutin! The ability to present oneself in an unassuming manner is at the core of modesty. And to accept accolades meekly as though they were unexpected is the way to behave. On top of these five core values, good manners are always to remember the words please and thank you. And a polite way of behaving is to ask rather than to tell, such as a request for a favor rather than a demand for one. An example, in case you needed a ride to town, would be to say,

if you are going up the road would you please take me?

Finally, the respect and courtesy that a male shows people of the opposite sex should be of the highest caliber. Woman should always be addressed as ladies and treated with the deference, courteousness and respect that you would show to royalty. Chivalry may be outdated in many places outside the South today, but a true gentleman always shows respect to a lady.