We return to the best food that you can find in the South by discovering wonderful home-cooked dishes that take simple everyday items and transform them into something truly delicious. The South has always been blessed with a wonderful climate for growing superb vegetables – from plump juicy tomatoes to fantastic great big root vegetables, packed with taste and flavor. And it is this superb seasonal produce that many of the great Southern dishes are created with.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Who could imagine taking something as simple as a tomato and creating such a fine dish? Brought to the attention of cinema goers all over the world by the Hollywood hit film Fried Green Tomatoes, this food depicts what the South is all about, and why the food is close to everybody’s heart who lives down in the region. A green tomato is a regular one, only it has not been allowed to ripen fully, this way it has a slightly tart taste and holds together better when it is put in a pan and fried. Normally, they can be part of a sandwich or put in batter and deep fried.

Collard Greens

One criticism that can be levelled at some Southern food is that it is not particularly healthy, most likely due to the fact that frying and deep frying are favorite methods of cooking. However, our next dish can never be described as unhealthy; in fact, just the reverse – it is a very healthy green vegetable that is found on nearly every dinner table. Collard Greens are a type of cabbage and come from the same family of vegetables as broccoli, spring greens and kale and are super healthy. The preferred way of cooking them is in a chicken broth that retains all their nutrients and maintains their healthy attributes. They are an ideal accompaniment to the grilled meat or fish.

Fried Chicken

No blog about the food of the South would be complete without fried chicken, or, as it is known throughout the world, Southern Fried Chicken. Made famous by the large fast food chain, it is as famous in Japan as it is in any state in America. The real skill in true fried chicken is getting the correct balance of the crunchy exterior and the perfectly cooked chicken inside, still juicy and cooked through. If the chicken is dry or the exterior soggy, then the dish is a failure.

Just like BBQ sauce the recipes for the crunchy coating of the chicken are fiercely guarded, and if the chicken is single or double fried is also a big consideration. Yes, it is unhealthy, but in moderation it can be a delicious snack or main meal. The food of the South cannot be described in one word, it is diverse as the people who live in the South and has to be tasted to be fully believed. We hope that you have found it interesting to expand your knowledge about some of the most popular Southern dishes, we certainly have enjoyed writing about them!